Welcoming employee no. 200

Entering the year 2018 we have crossed our employee no. 200 mark. Only the past year we welcomed 38 new colleagues, and we hope for more to come this year. Among our new employees – and potentially the exact “no. 200 employee” – are our Marketing Manager Katarzyna Michalczyk, our Business Process Manager Allan Romerlund and our Customer Relations Controller Cezary Miller, who will all contribute to strengthening the internal and external processes of BIC going through a period of growth.


I was very attracted by the Scandinavian-Polish company culture and the fact that we are working in teams.

Katarzyna Michalczyk, Marketing Manager

Katarzyna comes from Szczecin, Poland, where she has now returned. After finishing her Master in Business Administration from Warsaw University she was living in Germany and Switzerland, where she developed a career in marketing, which had been her professional dream since high school. In Switzerland she was a part of a team in Swiss SolNova winning the World Branding Award for Amigard. Missing Poland she returned to her home town of Szczecin in 2013 to work for the offshore wind industry. Katarzyna joined BIC in January 2018. Read the whole interview with Katarzyna here.


The support that the management is showing for my MBA education was essential for me choosing this job.

Allan Romerlund, Business Process Manager

Allan was born in Nykøbing Falster, Denmark. He holds a master of IT and Organization from University of Southern Denmark and is currently studying a MBA Executive at Aarhus University. Allan has more than fifteen years of experience as an IT technician and IT manager from Denmark. Joining BIC Electric he chose to move from Copenhagen to Szczecin supported by his wife and two kids. As Business Process Manager Allan will support the process of automatizing and digitalizing processes in the company. Read the whole interview with Allan here.


From the first moment I recognized the nice and friendly atmosphere in the office.

Cezary Miller, Customer Relations Controller

Cezary grew up in the town of Goleniów 40 km from Szczecin, where he moved after high school. He holds a Master of Economics from 2005 and a Master of Business Administration from 2017 from Szczecin University. Cezary has more than ten years of experience in exports, sales and business development in the IT and Maritime Sector from international companies settled in Szczecin. Joining BIC Electric Cezary will continue his career in exports handling business relations with BIC’s existing customers. Read the whole interview with Cezary here.