New engineering department

On December 13th 2017 we launched a new department in engineering that will add new services to our customers operating in industry and automation. The new services include design, programming, robotics and project management for industry and automation.

Our new engineering services will supplement and upgrade our offer to customers operating in industry and automation, but we will continue to act on the level of technical subcontractor to our customers.

The manager of the engineering department is Gregers Domanski who joined BIC at the start of November. Gregers is an electrical engineer from the Engineering College of Aarhus, Denmark, and he has an executive MBA title from University of Minnesota. He has experience in general management, project management and business development which he gained from consulting, distribution as well as construction businesses, both in Denmark and in Poland.

“Our mission in the engineering department is – in line with the mission of the whole BIC Group – to provide cost-efficient, scalable and reliable engineering services that can meet our customers’ demands in installation and commissioning. Just like with the other BIC services, in the engineering department we want to help our customers gain flexibility at peak periods, as well as optimize costs when things get slow. I am looking forward to getting started”, says Gregers Domanski.

You can get more information about the precise services and working areas of the new engineering department in our updated description of services within Industry and Automation here.

Get Gregers’ contact data here.