Michal Charowski

I started at BIC Electric in 2014 at the Danish projects. Back then I was an electrical technician and we were working on a broad scope of tasks: maintenance, switchboard assembly and installation, lighting and power supply at production lines.

Then a big automotive project came up in Belgium, I ran a people-management training and became a team leader. This was an enormous step forward for me personally – not just the new position, but also the complexity of the project, work load, the team and other co-workers make this assignment one of the most valuable periods in my career.

From my very first day at BIC I was impressed by the variety of locations, tasks and types of projects offered by the company. The tools we work with are top quality, the same applies to workwear and PPE. Development opportunities are a cherry on top here.

After a few years out in the field, I was offered to transition into administration, and given the amount of time I spent away from home and the potential benefit package, I agreed to have a go as Key Account Engineer – a position in which I will be in direct contact with customers and responsible for the manning and execution of projects. I believe that I will also find time for further education.