Katarzyna Michalczyk

I was very attracted by the Scandinavian-Polish company culture and the fact that we are working in teams.

Katarzyna Michalczyk, Marketing Manager

Where do you come from?

  • I grew up in Szczecin, Poland, where I have now come back. After high school I went to study in Warsaw. During and after my studies I was also living and working abroad – in Germany and Switzerland – but after a couple of years of a vagabond life I realized that Szczecin is the right place to live for me.

What are you going to do in BIC?

  • I will join the Sales, Marketing & Communication Team. They are extremely passionate people, and I am very excited about working with them. As a Marketing Manager, I will be responsible for strategic marketing, for managing marketing projects and for supporting our brand and its perception among our potential and existing customers. I would like BIC Electric to be the first brand popping up in customers’ heads, when they need a technical partner offering high quality services, flexibility and cost optimisation solutions.

Did you always want to work with marketing?

  • I was kind of the black sheep in a family of doctors, but already as a teenager I was attracted to advertisements, pictures and photographing and creating. I had some small projects at school. After high school it was my dream to work in the marketing area, to combine international business and brand management, so I chose an education in Business Administration. I always tried to stay close to marketing and branding in all my jobs. I was looking very hard for my first “real” job, and eventually I found a very marketing oriented company in Germany, they contacted me back, and everything was arranged in one day. I think it was luck! That job was laying a good foundation for a truly marketing oriented career. The greatest success so far was when together with the Swiss SolNova I won the World Branding Award for Amigard. We were invited to Hofburg Palace in Vienna to the ceremony. That was huge.

Why were you attracted to work in BIC?

  • I was very attracted by the Scandinavian-Polish company culture and the fact that we are working in teams. I used to work with German and Swiss companies so far, so I’m very excited about this change. I see that BIC Electric is a very ambitious company with great people here. I very much look forward to brainstorming in my team! What also attracted me was BIC’s offer – high-quality technical services – which is new to me. Earlier I have been working for production companies, where we could see and touch the products. Here we can’t do that in the same way. Instead we have to stress the uniqueness of our capabilities and competences. I really like this challenge.

How do you like Szczecin?

  • I enjoy the city of Szczecin, where life in my opinion is more relaxed than in Warsaw and other big European cities. I liked living and working abroad, and I had nice chapters of my life in Germany, Switzerland and in the Polish capital, but after spending years moving from one place to another, I began missing my home city of Szczecin. I missed my family, friends and the Polish way of life, which I feel is maybe a bit more crazy and colourful.


What are you doing in your spare time?

  • I’m a nature-oriented person. I need space, fresh air. I very much enjoy the nature biking and running, and I am often going to my family’s cottage at a lake outside of the city. I try to travel when possible, preferably to destinations outside Europe to open my head to differences. The first place I would visit in a new country would always be to a food market – especially spices, herbs, smells… I am a trained Air Designer by the way.

Katarzyna Michalczyk holds a master in Business Administration from Warsaw University and a post-graduate programme in Brand Management from Warsaw School of Economics. After graduating in 2007 she was hired by the marketing oriented company Air Creative GmbH in Rheinfleden, Germany, and eventually by their sister company Grorymab AG in Wangen an der Aare, Switzerland. From 2010 she worked in SolNova AG in Zollikon/Zürich, Switzerland, being part of the team that won the World Branding Award for Amigard for the brand owned by SolNova AG. Since 2013 she was working in German Bilfinger Group – for BMO, offshore business company based in Szczecin, Poland, where as a Marketing and Tender Specialist and later Marketing Manager she was i.a. in charge of rebranding process into ST3 Offshore. Katarzyna joined BIC Electric on January 1st 2018.