Allan Romerlund

The support that the management is showing for my MBA education was essential for me choosing this job.

Allan Romerlund, Business Process Manager

Where do you come from?

  • I grew up in Nykøbing Falster in Southern Denmark, but I have been living in different places. I served as a soldier in Bornholm, and I have been studying in both Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen, Denmark.

What are you going to do in BIC?

  • Put in a simple way, I was hired to manage the process of identifying manual processes that can be automated and digitalized in order to improve the internal efficiency of the company. It is an important process for companies growing from smaller businesses to bigger ones, and I like this challenge and responsibility.

Did you always want to work with business processing?

  • I have tried different things in my life, and I think, for me it is important that my professional life is never static. This is the right challenge at the right moment of my career. I have a background as an electrician and IT manager, and I am currently studying a master in MBA Executive. This job allows me to use all my professional experience and to integrate my job experience in my current education. I think that both BIC and I are profiting from that.

Why were you attracted to work in BIC?

  • For a long time I have been talking with my family about finding a job outside of Denmark. It is a nice experience to go and see something new. The most important for me was the job content, however, and the fact that the management in BIC is enthusiastic in supporting the employees’ further education and ambitions about upgrading their skills and developing their career. The support that the management is showing for my MBA education was essential for me choosing this job.

How do you like Szczecin?

  • I must say, I am positively surprised by the city. The first days I was very focused on the communist time blocks that are so different from my hometown in Denmark, but now I experience Szczecin as a very green city with a lot of parks and recreation areas. The atmosphere is nice and friendly – you can also feel that among the employees in the company. The city is big enough for you to find anything you need – be it a huge amount of shopping centres, fitness centres, you name it.

What do you do in your spare time?

  • Working, studying and having two kids aged 6 and 7 years there is not much time for hobbies, but I like spending time with my family, doing fitness, and I also began learning Polish. It is a hard language, and I am currently struggling with the pronunciation of “rz” – but I believe every language skill is worth struggling for.

Allan Romerlund joined BIC Electric as Business Process Manager in October 2017. He holds a master of IT and Organization from University of Southern Denmark and an education as electrician. He is currently studying a MBA Executive at Aarhus University. Allan has more than fifteen years of experience as an IT technician and IT manager from companies as H&N Networks and Aastra Telecom Denmark A/S, and he has worked as IT consultant for The Danish Ministry of Environment. From 2014 to 2016 he was team manager in ConCare IT A/S among others managing Danish-Polish teams of technical consultants, business consultants and developers.