Vorning Maskinfabrik

A good solution

Vorning Maskinfabrik ApS started business in 1995 and is now mainly producing handling equipment for many industries, with 80 % of the production shipped to export. The primary markets are Scandinavia, but the projects cover a wide range of lands including Jamaica and Africa.

BIC Electric is carrying out mechanical and electrical installations at the projects for Vorning Maskinfabrik.

“Vorning Maskinfabrik is a make-to-order company and that means great fluctuations throughout the year. Thus, busy periods can occur when our own staff is not sufficient. We have solved this by cooperating with BIC Electric as a subcontractor in the larger projects outside Denmark”, says Managing Director, Kent Christensen.

“We have experienced great success in the collaboration, and BIC Electric manages the big assignments well and this is why they will also join us in a new major project in Norway which is coming up.”

“It can be difficult to work as a foreigner in Norway with the countless requirements concerning courses and documentation. BIC Electric always fulfills these requirements so we do not have to worry that things are not in control. We are completely satisfied.”

“We are very positive about the collaboration with BIC Electric. Their employees quickly familiarise themselves with the tasks and the management follows up to check if we are satisfied with the work done. If something is not running smoothly, someone is immediately sent to the project.”

“Since BIC Electric presents such a good solution for us that we count on using BIC Electric more and more for the installation tasks in the future.“