Success in Sweden

SKAKO is a Danish company producing turnkey concrete mixing systems, 95% of which is sold to export markets throughout the world.

BIC Electric has carried out electrical installation at conveyor deliverables at SKAKO’s sub supplier in Poland. Among the tasks done were installations for conveyors to be shipped to facilities in Australia.

The main part of the cooperation consists of onsite installation where BIC Electric is mainly carrying out mechanical installations of concrete mixing systems.

“It is especially worth mentioning a project in the summer of 2012 in Sweden, when BIC Electric assisted us in the best possible way. The customer needed to replace an old mixing facility with a new SKAKO system. The challenge was the fact that we only had the 4 weeks when the factory was closed for the summer to take down the old system, install the new one and put it into operation”, says Carl-Christian Juul Jensen, Head of Project and Installation dept.

“We were obviously under pressure the entire time. There is no doubt that if BIC Electric had not sent their skilled and competent people, we would not have succeeded. They understood the task and the time schedule. They are skilled and hard-working employees.”

“The project became a regular success story – after 4 weeks we were ready; everything ran smoothly. In short: a great success.”

“We have been very satisfied with cooperating with BIC Electric on the projects we have carried out together, and we will certainly continue using BIC Electric as a subcontractor when the need occurs.”