SAAP Engineering

Electrical installation work on conveyor systems

SAAP Engineering A/S is a small Danish engineering company working in electrical and automation assignments mainly for Danish customers, however a major part of the projects are located abroad.

Previously, the company sent Danish electricians to the assignments – but now only the engineers and supervisors are stationed abroad and the electrician are found locally or through a subcontractor, like BIC Electric for instance.

BIC Electric is carrying out the electrical installations of the abattoir systems for which SAAP Engineering supplies control panels. One of the recent projects included installing a conveyor system in Norway for handling cattle. BIC Electric handled the set-up of the routes and cable trays as well as the electrical installation work on cables for motors, sensors and indicators.

Flexibly and on time

“We are happy with the flexibility that we have experienced with BIC Electric. They supply the resources as agreed and needed to carry out the assignment on schedule, and that it important to us,” Managing Director Steen Aalbaek Pedersen says.

“We had a good start to the collaboration and, especially in a project in Norway, BIC Electric proved that they can handle the task. We definitely see potential for further collaboration on similar projects in future”, he finishes.