Lödige Industries

Lödige Industries is the supplier of the automated car parking system which was built as a part of the Urban Mediaspace project at the Aarhus habour. The car park opened at the beginning of 2015, and it still is the largest and most advanced automatic car park in Europe with a capacity of 1000 cars.

As a partner Lödige Industries has chosen BIC Electric to handle the electrical and mechanical installation and commissioning of the system.

Lödige Industries is a large family-owned company head- quartered in Germany and specializing in logistics solutions for air cargo and industrial logistics, particularly dedicated to the automotive industry – this is the source of the expertise within automatic car parks such as the one in Aarhus.

Axel Hellriegel, Managing Director of Lödige Scandinavia ApS located in Copenhagen says: “BIC Electric is a very competent partner to us; their installation teams deliver high quality workmanship. The internal organization within the teams is well set-up and all employees are equipped with the latest tools and personal safety equipment. The work is always performed independently but still in close cooperation with our site management.”

The partnership during the Urban Mediaspace project has developed into more projects with BIC Electric:

  • BIC Electric installed 2 air cargo scissor lifts at Billund Airport
  • BIC Electric was working with Lödige Industries at manufacturing plants of German automotive giants, mostly in Bavaria but also in North America, Asia and Africa. On these sites, large-scale logistics systems for car production lines were installed.
  • In Copenhagen, an automated car park, similar to that in Aarhus, is currently under construction and BIC Electric is there doing the installation.

“We are looking forward to continuing our cooperation in further projects with BIC Electric,” Axel Hellriegel says.

At this point of cooperation, Jens-Christian Møller, BIC Electric’s CEO also has a positive view. “The fact that we have worked together not just in Europe, but also in South Africa, United States and Hong Kong is a definite proof that our offer meets our partners’ demands – scalability of resources, from zero to whatever is needed in peak periods, and the reliability of service, wherever the project is based.”

For Michał Płudowski, BIC’s Key Account Manager, the attractiveness of the projects with Lödige comes from two seemingly opposing sources: “We know that there is still a lot to learn about the customer’s installations, but BIC’s technical team dedicated for Lödige is now almost expert at that. And they are getting even better!”


Watch a video from the facility:

You can also visit www.lodige.com