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Lelectric and BIC Electric – a year later…

It has been a smooth and very fruitful cooperation that Lelectric A/S and BIC Electric have had for almost a year. To evaluate it and to ensure further successful development within both companies, the management of Lelectric is visiting BIC’s global headquarters in Szczecin, Poland.

Lars Andersen, the Managing Director at Lelectric, recalls the beginning of this constructive business partnership:
A year ago, the situation on the market in Denmark was tough. Not only my company, but the whole construction industry in Denmark was struggling with shortage of qualified employees. Impressed by the efficiency of BIC’s Polish workforce, one of my good business contacts recommended BIC Electric’s technicians to me. I spoke to one of them, Adam Michalik who contacted the Key Account department at BIC and then things unfolded very quickly.

Jens-Christian Møller, the CEO at BIC Electric, phoned me to set up the meeting and discuss the possibility of cooperation. However, there was no time to meet back then – Lelectric was overloaded with projects and we needed BIC’s support immediately! Everything was agreed over the phone; shortly after that, BIC started their first subcontracting project with Lelectric – Steel House hostel in Copenhagen.

BIC was performing very well, but even so there were some challenges, not regarding technical issues, but rather the impact of the trade unions questioning the compliance with collective agreements in Denmark. There are a lot of rumors about the Polish subcontractors not paying salaries to their staff according to Danish collective agreements, but that has never been the case with BIC Electric. BIC’s compliance with all the other Danish regulations is doubtless – that must be why BIC is a member of the Danish Industry Association (DI).

Although the way we do electrical installations in Denmark is different than in Poland, BIC Electric technicians adapted to it very quickly. We appreciate their flexibility, performance, readiness to work long hours and, above all, the effective use of their time on-site.

After the first successful trial, BIC and Lelectric started their second collaboration at one of the biggest residential projects in Copenhagen. Once again, BIC proved to be a competent partner. Even if some small installation mistakes took place, the after-sales service rose to the challenge: the on-site team leader together with Key Account Engineer Sebastian Płacewicz, who is our daily contact, handled these issues professionally. Sebastian takes actions himself to get things back on track, to make sure that the work is carried out according to Lelectric’s high standards and if any mistakes happen, they are fixed at no cost for Lelectric.

Because of the good cooperation, especially with Sebastian, we are looking forward to expanding our collaboration in the future. This is also why we are here today in this surprisingly nice city, Szczecin.


In the photos on the right: Lelectric Management together with BIC Electric’s office employees in front of BIC’s global headquarters