Big orders open the way to the automotive industry

With the assistance of Enterprise Europe Network, BIC Electric from Herning has sealed an agreement with Imtech, a large European company which delivers technical solutions for electrical and mechanical tasks and automation. In this project, BIC Electric will be responsible for Imtech’s electrical and automation systems at the production facilities of a large car manufacturer in Brussels, Belgium.

BIC Electric, which handles electrical and mechanical installation, assembly of industrial automation and conveyor systems and major renovation of the electric systems and machinery at production facilities, use Enterprise Europe Network for finding new international partners.

The company first had contact with the Belgian division of Imtech at the beginning of October 2013. BIC Electric learned about Imtech’s partnership profile, which was published in Enterprise Europe Network’s database of partnership profiles of different companies from all over the world. An expression of interest was sent via a Belgian network partner and it was possible to initiate a dialogue.

Contract worth millions
Hardly a year later, in the late summer of 2014, BIC Electric entered into a cooperation agreement with Imtech, under which BIC Electric undertakes to install electrical and automation systems at the production facilities of a large car manufacturer in Brussels.

“This contract is worth millions and we look forward to the cooperation with our new Belgian partner,” says the CEO of BIC electric, Jens-Chr. Møller.

BIC Electric’s work on this project consists in the assembly of electrical equipment on the paint production line, which is part of the car manufacturing process. It is related to the expansion of the existing system.

BIC Electric has ten electricians working on the project for about 5 months. They carry out the complete assembly of the conveyors, which move around with the cars on the production line. The assembly involves cables, cable trays, frequency converters as well as the assembly of control cabinets in the system. The work is performed on a 5-storey production line.

Little strokes fell great oaks…
Before the contract was in the bag, Jens-Chr. Møller met Imtech a couple of times in Brussels. Imtech’s ultimate intention was to find a subcontractor for a similar large-scale project in Sweden, where they would need a company which is in control of authorisations and labour market regulations in the country. Because BIC Electric meets these requirements, they were awarded the contract in Belgium and this is the start of a good partnership which is going to involve the possibility of further cooperation with Imtech’s divisions in other countries.

“We are looking forward to continuing our good cooperation with Imtech on large, exciting projects in the car industry,” says Jens-Chr. Møller.

In conclusion, he says the following about the partnership with Enterprise Europe Network: “We have previously used Enterprise Europe Network for finding new partners and there is no doubt that our cooperation with Imtech is the culmination of this search.”