Haas-Meincke is the powerhouse of the biscuit and cake industry, providing machinery and complete production lines to bakeries since 1953. Their excellent understanding of the needs of bakers and pastry producers has allowed them to expand their operating area from only the Scandinavian market at the start to all around the world today. BIC Electric is proud to accompany Haas-Meincke in this journey across Europe – starting from Spain, through France, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, and on to Germany.

The fruitful cooperation between Haas-Meincke and BIC Electric dates back to 2012 when BIC Electric became the preferred partner for electrical and mechanical installations and commissioning for the slaughterhouse systems produced by SFK Systems, where Jan Skafte Mikkelsen was installation and commissioning manager. There they proved their professional competences and when Jan moved to Haas-Meincke in 2014, he naturally chose BIC Electric to provide installation and commissioning services for his new company.

Jan Skafte Mikkelsen has this to say about the cooperation with BIC:

We are very satisfied with the innovative and professional approach of BIC Electric. The company is capable of reacting to our capacity increase demands at short notice. They have a broad resource base and they can send technicians with the exact qualifications we require. Moreover, we get consistently high quality service from them in all our projects. The employees are also impressively hard-working: they get more work done in the same time, which allows me to predict and keep the deadlines more reliably. All of this helps Haas-Meincke operate around the world with more freedom and flexibility and handle our various projects in the most cost-effective way.

Additionally, from the administrative perspective, BIC Electric is almost invisible: we can rely on their paperwork as if they were a part of our company. They act in full compliance with all local health & safety standards, social insurance regulations and collective agreements wherever we run a project together. They also take the load off of our company by handling travelling and accommodation themselves.

An example of a successful cooperation within this symbiotic business relationship was the recent project in Wittenburg, Germany for Dr Oetker. BIC Electric was performing electrical and mechanical installation of a new production line at a pizza production plant. The people sent there certainly had experience with such works as they removed the old oven and installed a new one in very short time.

Jens-Christian Møller, BIC Electric’s CEO, says: I believe that the cooperation between Haas-Meincke and our company is just a start of a long and tremendously beneficial partnership that will last years. We want to continue to help each other in fulfilling the wishes of customers and consumers all around the world.