Crisplant / BeumerGroup

Electrical installations on large-scale logistics systems

“Our projects are large and prestigious, which means it is crucial that the subcontractors meet the highest standards and have a thorough understanding of the job. BIC Electric has proven to be quality-conscious, and the electricians are flexible and quickly familiarise themselves with the tasks.

BIC Electric has been responsible for portions of the installation work on our sorting systems, and they have fully met our expectations. When working on such large-scale projects it is important that everyone knows exactly what to do.

We communicate with BIC Electric through our site managers responsible for electrical installations. They have the daily contact with the team leaders from BIC Electric, who are in charge of the individual electricians. The team leaders are all fluent in English and there are no communication problems.

We also expect to use BIC Electric on our projects in future”, Henrik Christensen says. He is the Head of Site Integration at Crisplant in Denmark.