Arne Hald – English

Excellent tobacco cooperation in Holstebro

Arne Hald A/S is an electrical-technical total supplier with more than 60 years of experience of working for private and corporate customers in Holstebro. The company focuses on being competitive and having high professional competencies. When the company was assigned a large-scale project in the new building of the Scandinavian Tobacco Group in Holstebro, they contacted BIC Electric seeking a partnership regarding the supplementary resources, required for timely implementation of the project. 

Scandinavian Tobacco Group was about to move parts of the tobacco production to a new building in Holstebro and Arne Hald had already been responsible for the electrical project management for five to seven years. Project Manager Martin Arberg contacted BIC Electric for a partnership concerning the extra resources required for the technical installation. The project included two concurrent tasks, handled by two teams. One team helped with all electrical installations in the building, such as guide tracks, lights, switches, sockets, alarms and switchboard installation. The other team helped with the installation of the machine plant, including a conveyor and an advanced furnace for tobacco processing. The tasks included mounting of guide tracks, cable connection and mounting of motors and sensors.

The combination of performing building and industrial installations is right up the alley for BIC Electric. This is our core business and our people are really experienced, says Sales Manager at BIC Electric, Maj W. Møller.

”BIC Electric participated with two competent teams of electricians. Focusing on quality and work environment, the project was finalised ahead of schedule at extremely high quality and the exact right price, says Project Manager Martin Arberg.” For instance, we had a time-plan of 18 days for installation from the Luxembourgian supplier of the plant – in collaboration with BIC Electric, we did it in half the time.”

”The technicians from BIC Electric are clearly very experienced and they really worked hard. It is vital to understand the project and have a good dialogue, and with BIC it just worked out beautifully. The communication in English was smooth, the technicians were very dedicated and had the right attitude to the work and collaboration with our people,” he says.

The Project Manager at BIC Electric followed the project closely and was constantly in touch with Arne Hald’s Project Manager.

”The close cooperation with the technical management at BIC Electric ensured flexibility in terms of project changes, meaning that the right people were always at hand,” says Martin Arberg. ”Uncertainties may occur concerning material supplies at the beginning of the installation phase, which may lead to delays. Sometimes at the end of the phase, we may find that we need to keep BIC’s teams for a few extra weeks, in order to meet the schedule. The cooperation with BIC was ideal, since they were able to adjust to changes at short notice.”

”Openness regarding the time schedules is important, in order to be flexible, and it was great working with Arne Hald A/S. Coordination was good and the communication between our technicians and the Project Manager and staff of Arne Hald was great. Together, we fulfilled the task and created great solutions, says Sales Manager at BIC Electrics, Maj W. Møller. ”We have even received enquiries for similar projects abroad from some of the partners on the project in Holstebro.”

”The cooperation was excellent, so we are going to continue our partnership with BIC Electric after the first part of the project. They have the optimal combination of a great set-up, skilled teams and flexibility, so Arne Hald will certainly continue to work with them on future projects. We are very happy,” Martin Arberg concludes.