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Together with Resolux, BIC provides turnkey electrical solutions for Wind Power Industry: electrical and mechanical services together with material supply.

Our cooperation resulted e.g. with electrical outfitting of 124 Transition Pieces of the biggest Offshore Wind Farm in the World – Hornsea Project One. Read more about the project: click here

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About Resolux

Resolux – 17 years of experience in  the wind industry. A  global supplier of components and solid solutions for all tower builders, turbine manufacturers, nacelle providers and windpark maintenance.

Resolux provides to the site all materials (SCM): tower internals, electrical components, cables, lighting, mechanical parts, documentation; all produced and sourced all over the world in the most competitive  way.

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Jysk Elservice / BIC Solutions

Together we have more than 50 years of experience and over 200 professionals, ready to execute:

  • turnkey electrical installations for building industry in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and North Germany,
  • mechanical assembly and electrical installations of machinery all over the world

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About Jysk Elservice / BIC Solutions

Jysk Elservice / BIC Solutions is a complete supplier of all types of electrical connections carrying out assignments throughout Denmark, Sweden and Northern Germany.


Scalable high quality welding services on sites worldwide. This is what we offer together with JVP STEEL. As a joint venture: BIC Steel (registered both in Poland and in Denmark) we are more than 250 certified welders and fitters, and combined 500 qualified technical professionals. See our joint brochure here and visit


JVP STEEL is an international steel contractor specializing in complex steel solutions since 1975. With expertise, knowledge and high quality constructions JVP has contributed to a wide range of exciting projects around the globe, within areas as energy and offshore related industries, as well as for civil building and infrastructure projects. Among them: the famous Camp Adventure Tower in Denmark. JVP’s core competencies are cutting, welding, surface treatment, and project management.


Together with Tech-Solutions, BIC Electric delivers comprehensive solutions for the industrial sector in Africa. This includes: Food Processing Industry, Power Plants, Supply Chain & Logistics, Oil&Gas onshore and offshore. Right from the customer’s idea, through design, engineering, installation and handing over after-sales service.

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About Tech-Solutions

Tech-Solutions is a Danish export company with years of experience in sourcing of quality Technical Solutions and Products.

Many years of cooperation with Danish and European manufacturers has given them a thorough knowledge of innovative solutions that most often brings customers great savings.

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