BIC Electric featured in Danish Industry’s magazine

At the beginning of December, BIC Electric and its CEO, Jens-Chr. Møller, were featured in the Danish Industry (DI) magazine, as part of an ongoing series about growing markets in close proximity to Denmark. The article focuses on Poland as an interesting market that Denmark has overlooked for too long, and emphasizes that within the past 12 months, Danish companies have had over 20.5 billion in exports to Poland – but the potential is much bigger!
The article portrays BIC Electric as a successful and smart first mover, in terms of tapping into the highly qualified Polish labor market, where the education level among young people has now surpassed the one in Denmark. The article further stresses that, when BIC Electric was established in Poland in 2004, the company offered positions which entailed travelling around the world, and thereby the opportunity to get away from Poland, something very attractive in the years right after the Iron Curtain was lifted.
Since then, the Polish purchasing power has exploded, especially within the past few years, and Polish priorities have changed over time, meaning that Polish workers are increasingly attracted to companies that offer a good work-life balance, such as BIC Electric.
If you are interested, here is the full article in Danish.